1.It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society .

2.There is no more laming delusion than to take a waypoint for the aim and to abide for too long on a lay-by .

3. Without the death all creatures would be bound to an incomplete form of the life forever .

4. What everything is manifest can be destroyed - what everything isn`t manifest exists outside the time .

5. All world longs for liberty and every creature is in love with his chains - this is the tangled knot and the primary conflict of our nature .

6.The whole universe exists in the spirit , by the spirit , for the spirit - all we do , think and feel is for the spirit .

7. There is no fragmentation of the One by the appearance of the finiteness - since this an infinite One appears to us as the many finite ones .

8. When the mind goes beyond the thought of the me, then there is the possibility of a happiness that is incorruptible.

9 . If I am what I am cause you are what you are - if you are what you are cause I am what I am - then I am not me and you are not you .

10 . There is nothing mind can do that cannot be better done in mind`s immobility and thought free stillness .

11. Soul thus is nowhere but in the Principle which has that characteristic existence at once nowhere and everywhere

12 . Impossibility is only the sum of greater unrealised possibles . It veils an advanced stage and a yet unaccomplished journey .

I sing quotations of Sri Aurobindo , Jiddu Krishnamurti , Plotin and Hillel .
The music I have composed - accomplished I have everything myself with the EZ Drummer ( toontrack ) .

For almost 4 years ( today is March 3rd / 2013 ) I live thanks to the modern medicine and an expensive medicament
without namable troubles with a rare and chronic cancer ( Gist ) .

Kilian Stein